Monday 2 July 2018

Suffering from prickly heat on my arms. It’s been hell. 😭 Any advice?


2 in 1 tshirt vest: Gift for his 1st bday. Gap

Denim shorts: Gift for this 1st bday. Gap


Tshirt: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Hairband: H&M

Flats: Go Dutch, Irregular Choice


Monday 18 June 2018

Dinner date with my little sister and her girlfriend tonight so wearing heels but before that it’s a shopping trip so sliders for comfort and safety hahah

Dress: Becca, Lindy Bop

Body Slip: M&S

Hairband: H&M

Heels: Helston, Poetic Licence

Sliders: Bubble and Galaxy, Irregular Choice